Welcome to the documentation for InstaQuiz! This open source Telegram Mini Web App provides a real-time multiplayer quiz game experience right within Telegram.
InstaQuiz (Instant Quiz) allows groups of Telegram users to battle head-to-head in live quiz competitions. Players can create quiz rooms and invite friends to join for fast-paced trivia fun. The app is built using Typescript, Express.js, Postgresql and Vue.js.


  • Setup instructions to get started developing and running the game locally
  • Details on core components like the game manager, multiplayer syncing, scoreboards and more
  • API reference for the backend endpoints that enable quiz creation and real-time play
  • Deployment guide for hosting your own version of InstaQuiz
The code is openly available on GitHub so developers can easily build on top of the mini app to create their own Telegram quiz bots and games. We welcome new contributors and feedback!
Last modified 4mo ago